WP Overview

WP Overview

Work Packages

CoSi consists of the following work packages:

In Work Package 1 we develop and maintain an open data and model platform to facilitate Swiss energy research and form the underlying administrative support structure for all data and model related activities within CoSi. 

Work Package 2 connects different energy research communities from modelling and Social Science and Humanities in order to work collaboratively on policy-relevant energy questions in Switzerland. 

Work Package 3 provides the governance structure to facilitate exchange and co-creation. The goal is to establish a collaborative ecosystem consisting of representatives from science, industry, policy and civil society, and thus integrate different fields of knowledge (researchers) and practice (stakeholder). 

Work Package 4 focusses on the individual as consumer and decision maker when it comes to energy related behavior. The WP aims to improve the integration of individual consumer behavior and decision-making in modeling and scenario design. 

Work Package 5 focuses on the role of firms and energy communities in energy consumption.

Work Package 6 examines selected energy models and scenarios to see whether they take into account key regulatory and social development conditions and thus account for long-term co-evolution of the energy system and other social subsystems such as law and politics in particular. 

Work Package 7  supports the overall results dissemination of CoSi. It facilitates Focus Reports and overall communication and dissemination. 



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